Prenatal courses

To understand the physiological process and meet your own needs in your pregnancy, childbirth and your journey to your motherhood.

5 weekly group classes (60' per class), for £40 and when you finish all the follow-up group meetings you need. We will discuss about

    • Pregnancy

    • Good evidence and resources to help you make your choices/ care preferences

    • Coping techniques including oxytocin environment and relaxation.

    • Pacing yourselves

  • Labour and Birth process

    • The basics of birth physiology

    • Building your comfort kit for your labour

    • In-depth understanding of what to expect/ a general 'roadmap' of labour

  • Post birth, the welcome to your baby

    • The first 2 hours with your newborn

    • Feeding plan

    • Stuff for your baby for the first 3 months.

September and January 2021 group are fully booked. Next one available in English for May 2021 and Spanish (Castellano) Abril 2021.