"Is difficult to put in just a few words all that Carla did for us in just a few weeks, but we are first time parents and I have to say that Carla was a really big help during the time she spent with us.

She is a really nice person that has this very calm personality which makes you feel better just with her being there in the room.

On one side Carla helped us with the day to day issues of the first weeks, that maybe sound simple but at that time were difficult and scary. For instance, I had mastitis and she thought how to treat it and new positions for breastfeeding. Also, our daughter had colic, which was very tough, and she showed us many ways to be able to cope with those difficult weeks and helped our little baby feel better.

However, she helped us not just with the day to day the issues, but to understand our baby and get to know her, so we could learn our times and new rhythms and routines as a family. She answers uncountable questions about the next phases and how we could stimulate and develop her.

Also, as a plus Carla thought me how to give massages to my baby, which I loved as it was a great way to bond and spent time with her. And we even spent some time working on my body, how to relax and take care of the areas that were suffering after the birth and the first few weeks.

Finally, my baby always felt very comfortable and relaxed with Carla and I trusted her more than any other person around (even family and close friends!).

I would recommend Carla to anyone, even more so to first time parents, as a source of comfort, help, answers and understanding, which is so needed over the first weeks of parenthood."

Eva , Irene and Carlos.

“To whom it may concern

Carla helped us with our first new born son, Felix. Her knowledge as a Pediatrician is excellent. Breast feeding advice to immunisiation advice was so reassuring for us an new parents.

She is 100% reliable, totally calm, very knowledgeable and is a delight to have in your home. Carla is very flexible with hours and you genuinely feel that she is there just to help as she keeps her time for you but only if you need her.

Our boy loves her, so does our dog and of course so do we. I have nothing but good words for Carla.”

Felix, Rachel and Will.

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