Lactation Consultant - IBCLC

Preparation for a successful feeding journey in the antenatal period through to trouble shooting during the postnatal period.

Private Lactation consultation at your own Home/Hospital

Home visit at yours own space, is a good option when you are settling with your new born baby or at the Hospital if you feel you are not having a good start with hte breastfeeding experience. Contact me by phone text or email, and we can arrange a 30' free sonsultation to discuss what is going on and how can I help you?

I am ofering on-line sessions and face to face session, one of them or diferent packages which include a first consultation and follow up sessions for 2 or 4 weeks.

    1. "an on-line session" booked in the first 48hs of your booking, to know each other and many issues can be resolved through video support, we will discuss your feeding plan.

    2. A "face-to-face session at your home" baby-led timing, to allow us to have a full chat, a baby and oral assessment and an evaluate a full feeding session where we discuss your feeding plan and then follow up sessions to adjust it to your needs.

    3. To finish with the consultation packages at the end of the 2-4 weeks of follow up you will have the opportunity to debrief your experience.

Contact me to cheek availability and fees , I covered North London and with special arrangement up to 2hs from London.